New Year Planner

Review last year's business and start planning your success in the new year. #interiordesignbusiness #cktradesecrets

I like to focus on my year ahead for the entire month of January.  It doesn't seem like there is ever enough time at the end of the year to plan for the next one.  In my business, January is a planning month.  I'll spend time reviewing last year and creating goals for the new year by asking the right questions and taking time to answer them.  

In the January 2018 issue of O Magazine, Oprah writes, "What's the best way to live a full, honest, examined life?  Where do we find deeper meaning?  How can we bridge the gap between ourselves and others?  The answer, in every case: Ask the right questions."

You can also apply the wisdom of asking the right questions to your business development and growth.  This year have you asked the right questions to get your interior design business where you want it to go?  

Let's stop letting our business run us - you know what I mean - the overwhelm, the feeling like you're never getting ahead, the daily tasks that overtake us.  Instead, let's run our businesses this year, let's get ahead and learn to run our businesses efficiently and with purpose and direction.  Let's start acting like we're the CEO of a company and not the average employee.  Like we're in charge.  

I've created an Interior Design CEO Challenge for you to help you think about high-level business development and now there is also a New Year Planner workbook that asks you to answer questions about your business.  Questions that can help guide your business in the new year and get you closer to your goals.  You can download it below.

Here are some of the things you should be looking at from last year and the year moving forward:

  1. Financial metrics/progress/goals

  2. Marketing metrics/progress/goals - including social media

  3. Business systems & processes

  4. Client experience

In this 11-page workbook, I provide the questions to examine the areas above and more.  Plus I provide a page of resources at the end to help you find your answers.  If you really want to go deep into your business development this year, consider joining the next session of The Golden Blueprint, registration will begin soon.  

Update: The 2018 version of the New Client Planner is no longer available, but check out the latest version —> 2019 Interior Design Business Planner