Interior Design Business Start-up Costs

Want to know what you should be investing in to start your interior design business?  I've been there and this is where I would spend my money if I could do it all over again.  It would save me so much time and MONEY.  

So you want to start an interior design business?  When I first started my business, I was pretty broke.  I had just moved to another city and was using savings to live on because I didn't have any clients (aka income).  I remember my mom sent me a hundred-dollar bill and I was so relieved that I cried.  True story.

If you're starting like I did, don't dismay.  You can do it.  These things are all very important and I truly wish I would have slammed down my credit card and set this all up before I started my business because it would have been easier than the diy hacking that I did for a while.

I would have been able to start my business and focus on acquiring clients instead of trying to make Quickbooks fit an interior design business.  Another true story.

Getting these set up in the beginning would have saved so much time.  So here are the basic start-up costs for an interior design firm.  These costs are the minimum, you can certainly go bigger if you are in a more financially secure place than I was.  But for all of you that are relieved when an extra hundred comes in, this is where you can start.

Start-up costs for Interior Design Business

Studio Webware $45/month : The premiere accounting and project management platform for interior designers.  Learn it early and it will save you so much time and energy.

Insurance $500-$1200 : Not optional.  Protect your clients and yourself.  Costs depend on coverage and location.  Read about insurance for interior designers here.  

LLC $300-$1000: Yes, it doesn't cost anything to be a sole proprietor, however, that leaves you personal assets vulnerable.  Read about different legal & business structures here.  

Website free - $2000:  You can go with a free website service, all the way to a custom site.  But start with something.

Business cards $50-200: Spread the word that you're open for business.  Don't worry too much about a custom designed logo or branding in the beginning.

Lawyer $300-$500: Hire a lawyer to review your contract.  Do not do any work without a lawyer-approved contract.  Again, protect your clients and yourself.

Business licenses free-$100: Depending on your location, you'll need various business licenses and resale permits.  These are necessary for doing business in many areas, but usually are very reasonable.

The Golden Blueprint: The course that I wish I would have had when I was first starting.  This is the jumpstart to all that I have learned and wish I would have known.

Did you have any unexpected costs your first year in business?

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