Holiday Gift Guide: Clients

The best gift ideas for interior design clients.  

With the holidays around the corner, I've rounded up the best gifts to give your interior design clients.  Your marketing plan should include regular contact with clients - current and past.  This could include a yearly holiday card or a card on their birthday or anniversary at minimum.  It is also nice to send cards to vendors you work closely with or who had great customer service this year.  

If you'd like to go beyond a card, here are some ideas:

Ultimate client gift guide - the things that you should get for clients for the holidays.  

1. Books - Books are my favorite gifts to give.  They're inexpensive and can be personalized easily.  A cookbook for a client who wanted a gourmet kitchen.  A book on the American West for your cabin client.  Find a book that fits your client's style and interests.  

2. Candles - A classic gift that is also great for the end of a project gift.  

3. Personalized notecards - People love getting real mail and this gift can facilitate that.  Instead of their name consider the name of the house (if they're that fancy) or the name of the street.  Maybe include stamps too.  

4. Games - Great for families or people who entertain often this is a fun and social gift.  

5. Small home accessories - As their interior designer you should know just the perfect accessory to add to their home. 

Share in the comments below what you give (if anything!) to clients for the holidays.