Just last year, I was introduced to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, in respect to being a better interior designer.  By using these motivations, we are supposed to determine the needs of our clients, the goal being the top of the pyramid.  We're not providing a sofa, we're providing self-actualization.


I think many people let their house's slide.  They don't hold them up to these high standards, they become places to sleep, shower, and store our shit.  That's fine these basic and fundamental needs, the bottom of the pyramid.  But imagine if you expected more of your home, to be your partner in reaching your goals and fulfilling your purpose?  What if you strived for the top of the pyramid?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for your Home
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for your Home


Its the time of renewal, trees are blooming and spring cleaning is underway.  Starting at the bottom ask yourself the questions and if you get stuck on a Need, use the tips below to scrub it up.

Security: Try an alarm system, install camera's around your home, add security doors, add a fence around your pool, check insurance coverage, buy a safe, cut back dry brush & trees in wildfire areas, secure fragile items in earthquake areas, get to know your neighbors.

Love: Get to know your neighbors, host a weekly dinner party, create a family game-night, adopt a pet, walk around your neighborhood and say hello, volunteer, work on your home's curb appeal, do homework in public space not bedrooms, eat dinner at dining table.

Self-Esteem: Display things you love, set out framed photographs, wash the windows, paint a room whatever freaking color you want, use your grandmother's china everyday, organize your closet, stock your pantry with healthy food.

Self-Actualization: Create a spot to paint, set a chair by the window to day-dream or journal, designate a spot for meditation or prayer, make an alter, keep your passions (music, art, food, fitness) accessible, purge anything in your home that doesn't support these needs.

Now, it's your turn, let me know if you're house is giving you all it's got.  What's missing?  What are your suggestions for securing these needs?