In preparation of my launch of The Golden Blueprint: Business Training for Interior Designers, I have released two free training videos straight from the course.  Registration for the course isn't open yet, but you can be the first to know when it does open and get two sample videos from the course. The first video, How to be Successful, covers why some businesses don't flourish and my basic advice for how to light your fire.

The second video covers "red flags" those warnings that come in different forms that could be indications of trouble projects.

Below is the The Golden Blueprint curriculum, a six-week online course to get your business on the right track fast.  Be sure to sign up for the videos so you'll be the first to know when registration opens for the next session!

The Golden Blueprint Logo full black

Module 1: Introduction

  • 1.1: Don’t compare yourself to others:
  • 1.2: How to Be Successful:
  • 1.3: Radical Transparency
  • 1.4: Guiding Light

 Module 2: Business Foundation

  • 2.1: Choosing a Business Name
  • 2.2: Business Structure
  • 2.3: Insurance and Legal
  • 2.4: Licensing
  • 2.5: Letter of Agreement and Contracts
  • 2.6: Accounting

Module 3: Building your Brand

  • 3.1: Special Sauce
  • 3.2: Brand Voice
  • 3.3: Website
  • 3.4: Logo

Module 4: Clients

  • 4.1: Client Awesome Model (CAM)
  • 4.2: Qualifying Clients
  • 4.3: Red Flags
  • 4.4: Pricing
  • 4.5: Setting Expectations

 Module 5: Selling Your Services

  • 5.1: Marketing
  • 5.2: Social Media
  • 5.3 Content Marketing
  • 5.4: Photographing Your Work & Getting Published

Module 6: Running Your Business

  • 6.1: Treat Your Business Like A Business
  • 6.2: Goal Setting
  • 6.3 Reviews & Retreats
  • 6.4 Best Practices
  • 6.5 The Last Word

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