How to Create Interior Design Packages

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Creating interior design packages can be great additional revenue streams in your business. They can be quick ways to generate a bit of income without a huge time or effort commitment from you.

It’s also nice to have an option for prospects who contact you, but may not be a fit for your signature service or meet your project minimums.

However, if packages aren’t your signature service, make sure that your signature service is super solid. You don’t want to take attention away from your main product or service - both in distracting clients and/or in your own attention on your business . You don’t want to spread your CEO time and business development time too thin by introducing a package when your signature service still needs work.

Be Specific

The key to creating interior design packages is to really hone and refine them. They can’t be open ended. They need to be for a specific type of client. Packages need to have a very specific scope. They can’t be ambiguous - either to the client or to the designer.

The more efficient you are in creating and executing your packages the more money you can make. You don’t want to be spending hours sourcing the perfect mirror/table/rug because that eats into your profits. Packages aren’t the time to explore new vendors or do custom bookcase elevations (unless that is your sweet spot, which you’re really fast and efficient at).

It should be understood and explained to your clients that packages are a budget offering and if they’d like a lot of customization, choice, project-management or hand-holding, they should be considering your full service design.

Here are some things to consider when creating specific packages:

  • amount of hours included

  • what’s included / deliverables

  • how it’s delivered (phone calls / digital document / in person /

  • the amount of choices or reselects 

  • how purchasing is handled

  • is there follow-up?

By spelling out exactly what is included and how the package is delivered will set up your client’s expectations from the very beginning so that there are no misunderstandings in what they’re buying or what you need to deliver.

Interior Design Package Ideas

Interior design packages should be a lean, mean machine. Efficiency and being streamlined are what will make packages profitable.

Here are some ideas that would work as packages:

  • initial consultations

  • rooms

  • color consults

  • design-in-day

  • holiday decorating

  • blocks of hours (10 hrs / 20 hrs)

  • pick-a-designer’s-brain

  • home sale consultation

  • e-design

  • staging

  • accessorizing

There are several ideas above and the type of packages you offer should be a compliment to your signature service or specialty - in other words, packages should still be on-brand. You should keep your package offerings to 1 to 3, any more and you’re probably going to cause decision fatigue for your prospects, which means they become overwhelmed and click away.

You should make it as easy as possible for clients and prospects to buy your packages. Ideally, they should be able to buy a package without any input from you.

Remember: streamlined and efficient.

If you can add a buy now button to your website so clients can prepay, then schedule their own appointments (I like Acuity Scheduling). If there are documents that need to be completed before you can start or meet with the client, have those automatically emailed when they book an appointment.

Packages are a fixed, flat rate. This means that the less time you can spend on them delivering the same value, the more profitable they will be for you.

Next Steps: If you have a solid signature service, think about adding a complementary package for clients with lower budgets.