Million Dollar Decorating - Interior Design Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with James Swan on his Million Dollar Decorating Podcast.  They track their most popular episodes by comments so I'd love if you'd comment on the podcast page here: Million Dollar Decorating - Capella Kincheloe.  

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The number one question I get asked by designers.
  • What I'd spend $1000 on and what I'd save in a fire.
  • Why you shouldn't compare your work as an interior designer to retail stores.
  • Why you're not alone in your design business struggles.  

Any questions from the episode?  Ask in the comments below!  

Update: In November 2017, some information came to light around the host of Million Dollar Decorating, James Swan.  This caused many designers to become uncomfortable with their interviews being displayed and promoted by Swan, they didn't want his bad choices reflecting on them.  But I was proud of my interview and did not believe that my single interview on Million Dollar Decorating would cause me damage by association. 

I am proud of the design community for taking action and raising money for the non-profit caught in the middle of this scandal.  While what Swan is accused of is unacceptable and I in no way condone what he did or support him, I also don't believe that we need to bring him down and torment him for it.  I don't know the full story and I'm not going to be his judge and jury.  The internet can be a hard place and I won't revel in someone else's humiliation.  I try to practice compassion and kindness even when someone may not deserve it.