Ultimate Interior Design Pricing Resource

All the articles you ever need to price interior design services.  A huge list!

I've written many articles on pricing and created a free course to help designers figure out their sweet spot.  I thought I could round them all up for you in one convenient place.  Want to get really clear on what works for me and what I've seen work for other designers?  Read the articles below.  

Multiple Revenue Streams - Want to diversify your business and get money coming in from different sources?  Consider creating multiple revenue streams for your interior design business.  

Pricing Mistakes - There are five mistakes I see interior designers making all the time when they approach pricing.  Here I lay them out for you so you can avoid them on your way to a profitable business.

Markup is Dead - A truly divisible article on why I think that charging your clients markup is a thing of the past.  There are better pricing practices for your successful interior design firm.

How to Make Money as an Interior Designer - One of my favorite articles, I was blown away by how much designers leave on the table and what they can do to make an extra $6500 a year without working another hour!

Why Discounts are Hurting the Industry - Not only can discounting your services hurt your business, but it also can be damaging to the entire interior design industry.  In this article I talk about why.  

Pricing Interior Design Services - A basic breakdown of all the ways that interior designers charge.  Keep in mind that most designers use a combination of these models.  

Getting Shopped by Clients - A huge complaint from interior designers, clients who look around on the internet for the best price.  Here is what you can do to curb that behavior.

How to Charge Premium Pricing - Many designers are ready to uplevel their businesses and work for clients who have larger budgets.  This article talks about how you can do that.  

Should Interior Designers Accept Credit Card Payments? - When more and more of our lives are kept digital, this article talks about the pros and cons to accepting credit cards for interior design services and products.  

Show Your Clients What You Paid - I'm a firm believer in being transparent with clients.  I think it eliminates so many issues.  Read this article about why I think you should show your client exactly what that sofa costs you to buy it!

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