Business Clarity Challenge

Stop questioning yourself in 2018.  Get clear in your interior design business.  Start acting like the CEO of your business. 

{UPDATE: The Business Clarity Challenge has been rebranded and is now the Interior Design CEO Challenge!  Same great focus, clarity, and confidence with a new name!}

First post of a new year!  Love a fresh start.  I've reworked my Business Clarity Challenge for 2018 and think it is the perfect companion to the beginning of a new year (or anytime you're feeling overwhelmed and directionless).  

This free challenge was designed to touch on all those things that you can miss in the rush to get your business off the ground, the client work and the day-to-day running of an interior design business.  If you give yourself a few hours over the next week to do the daily lessons and exercises, you will emerge next week with SO MUCH MORE CLARITY.  

Clarity on how you want to run your business, why you're in business, the purpose of your business, things to do to further hone your business direction and service.  Each day revolves around a question with a lesson and exercises to go along with it to get you to your answers.

Here is the thing, this is CEO-level stuff.  This challenge is not for anyone but the CEO of a small interior design firm.  You can't outsource it or give it to someone on your team.  At the end of the challenge you won't have more followers or clients, it's not going to increase your revenue (at least not immediately), you won't have your work in a magazine.  What you will have is some CEO-level clarity about where your business is and where you want it to be.  

Because it feels great to know what you're doing and not to constantly question yourself while running an interior design business.  

Join the challenge now.  

PS - The Golden Blueprint is opening for registration soon!  Be on the lookout.  Be notified when it opens.