I once said that people have forgotten in the rush for "the look for less" that you lose the quality of design.  That the patina of quality antiques can not be had for pennies.  However, there are places that you can buy quality reproductions that are not mass-produced in a factory and available through a catalog to every person with a mailbox.  A place you can pay a little more (not much) to have the look of an antique, the lustre of wood twice it's age, that is crafted by hand.  Would you like that? Beau Holland Studio makes quality reproductions that could trick even a trained eye.  His finishes are what set him apart from so many others, he can bring wood to life so that the material is the star.  His shapes are simple, but not plain with plenty of attention to detail.  See for yourself.

This is my favorite table, perfect size & height and available in so many finishes.
His lighting selection is really awesome.
Imagine this fixture with light and all the patterns it would throw.
a turned wood lamp will never go out of style or be out of place.  I would love to see this with a batik box pleat shade.
So shapely.
Where have you ever?  This image doesn't do these justice.
So simple, but again it is the shape that puts it out of this world.
More lighting (and that awesome elephant)
the detail
Love the curves
gothic windsor
look at that wood grain and finish!