I've been meaning to write a post about buying at auctions for over two years.  While it can seem overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it you'll have no problem raising your paddle.

In addition to your local auction house, visit:


One day, I hope everything is made with respect to the earth, but in the meantime its a good idea to search out those products that are already made to be kind to the earth.  Here are some great options.

1. American Clay-  non-toxic, us-made, and environmentally friendly 2. Dr. Bronners Soap - organic, fair-trade, concentrated and pure 3. Vinyl Record Bowls- made from upcycled vinyl records 4. Applique Striped Tea Towel - organic & us-made 5. Reclaimed Kasbah Rug- made from recycled plastic bottles 6. Stylus Sofa- Certified by the Sustainable Furnishings Council

To-the-trade products available through Capella Kincheloe Interior Design


1. New Hampshire Armchair from OKA 2. Shady Lace Parasol from Conrad Shop 3. Square Copper Cube Coffee Table 4. Turquoise Bar Cart 5. Still Collection from Brown Jordan 6. Ikea KARLSKRONA Items can be purchased through CKID unless noted.

I believe outdoors rooms are as important as indoor ones.  So you'll want to continue your home's design into backyard, patios, and balconys.  Create different zones for eating, lounging and playing just as you would inside to fully enjoy exterior spaces all summer, if not all year long.  Don't miss my selection of garden planters.