Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design I am in the woods today.  We've packed our vehicle with basic necessities to survive the next two nights sleeping under the stars.  I love going out into nature without the need for electronics or daily luxuries like showers or makeup.  A simplified version of life if only for a few days to appreciate mother nature's bounty.

Here is a round-up of favorite camping links:

  • If you can't hack it with regular camping, consider Glamping.
  • Foodie camp recipes from chefs.
  • In a region of the country where homes are called "camps" this is the place to stay - they'll even bring you hot chocolate and s'mores around a campfire.
  • A camp-inspired wedding.
  • I'm obsessed with hip homes on wheels - airstreams or these adorable teardrop trailers.
  • If you are looking for an authentic ranch experience in Wyoming, visit my friends at the K Bar Z.  Kinda like camping but this is their life.


This is a very simple, vitamin-rich, and delicious meal for the summer.  The pesto packs a flavor-punch while the feta is a salty treat on top of this cold noodle salad. Great for a quick meal with friends or to bring to a potluck.

Recipe Adapted from Health Magazine January 2012
I love to cook and I somehow the "home arts" have been swept up with Interior Design. When I worked for Michael Smith, he would plan parties, design letterhead, and select uniforms for staff.  So I understand why interior designers are turning into lifestyle designers.  What do you think?  Should design blogs have recipes?
PS- Read this funny take on this topic from Erica on Design Blagh
PSS- Is there anyone who hates cilantro?