wanderlust: Single Bubble Pop & Italy

In 2008, I spent a semester studying in Florence, Italy and it was an amazing time! I fell in love with the city of Florence, amazing food, and the warm laid-back demeanor of my Italian neighbors. On the weekends, my classmates and I would take excursions to different parts of Italy, and my favorite area was the Amalfi Coast. Known for its gorgeous rocky beaches and seafood dishes, it's also home to breathtaking architecture!

Here are a few shots I took while visiting:
Me! Basking in the Italian sun...

The buildings have a neoclassical feel with lots of COLOR in this part of Italy.

And they build RIGHT up to the shore which creates beautiful views, like this!

I'm dying to go back and spend more than a weekend in this beautiful place! I hope my photos took you there at least for a moment. To see more of the Amalfi Coast, and the rest of my Italian adventures, click here.