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Two weekends in a row, I drove the 5+ hours to Greer, Arizona.  This was coincidental, as we had planned on renting a cabin with friends and then my sister-in-law decided that was also where we were going to have a surprise camping trip for my brother's birthday.  So we packed it up two weekends in a row and made the drive.

Greer is located in the mid-eastern part of Arizona - fairly close to the New Mexico border.  It is located in the White Mountains, which is pretty much the most un-Arizonan part of Arizona.  The place to go when it is roasting in the other parts of the state and many Phoenicians have cabins up here.

This is the place you fish, hike, star-gaze, and generally lounge around talking about how great the weather is and oh my gosh did you feel that cool breeze!

Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design
Greer, Arizona by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design

Can you spot Bambi?


Portland Travel Guide by Capella KincheloeAce Hotel - We choose the Ace Hotel for the location.  This is not a luxury hotel but has the feeling of a european hipster hostel with a little more privacy.  Our room had one rolling vintage office chair to sit, otherwise you could sit on the bed -which was situation on a raised platform on the floor.  It is one of the only hotels I've staying in where people actually want to hang in the lobby.  Even if you don't stay here you can grab a coffee at Stumptown Coffee and people watch in the lobby.  Another awesome thing about staying at the Ace is Room 215.  From 7-11am you can get breakfast - which is a buffet spread of local and organic cheese, charcuterie, jams, scones, pickled veg, and granola for $10.

Ace Hotel by Capella KincheloeAce Hotel

Voodoo Doughnuts - Every time we walked by this place there was a line out the door - it could have been late at night, early in the morning, or the middle of the afternoon.  After waiting for about 20 minutes in line, we ordered 6 of their most popular donuts.  Which are good, but truthfully I prefer the simplicity of fried dough without a lot of fancy frostings, decorations, and fillings.  The best donut we had at Voodoo was the namesake.

Voodoo Doughnuts by Capella KincheloeVoodoo Doughnut

Rogue - Nate and I are fans of craft beer and always try to visit a local brewery while visiting.  Rogue is headquartered in Newport, OR, but they have a brewpub in Portland which is a fun, laid-back, dive and worth a visit.  It is much different from Deschutes, another Oregon-based brewery.

Rogue by Capella KincheloeRogue

Cargo - Sometimes when travelling you just stumble onto something great, which is the case with Cargo.  We were headed to Rogue and happened by this world imports shop.  It is quite large so I recommend carving out a little time to browse.  It seems that when I shop, if I buy one thing I end up buying a lot of things.  By purchasing one item it permits me to buy more?  Does anyone else have this problem?  So while browsing this store, I knew I would either end up with a much lighter wallet or nothing.  I walked out with nothing but a desire to buy everything.

Cargo by Capella KincheloeCargo

Deschutes - I was surprised walking into Deschutes how polished and family friendly this restaurant was.  I suppose I was expecting more of a bar, but it is definitely geared towards tourists and families.  We went twice for a beer and both times it was very busy.  They give out the little buzzers to alert you when your table is ready (that should give you an idea of the scale and type of establishment this is).  My recommendation is to grab a beer, but get dinner at another great Portland restaurant.

Powell's Books - Located around the corner from the Ace, I could have probably spend the entire day and hundreds of dollars on books at this place - it is massive.  Rooms upon rooms filled with new and used books sitting next to each other.  Interested in a first edition, Mastering the Art of French Cooking?  Or a book on textiles?  This place makes me happy.

Bailey's Taproom - With no real plans on the 4th of July, we walked into this bar, which is open, light and airy.  They have twenty rotating taps emphasizing Oregon breweries and you have the option of a 10 or 20 oz pour.  Which means you can sample more than with a normal pour.  What I loved about Bailey's is that they have an electronic menu (on a tv) which tells you in real-time when the keg was tapped, how much is left, and the alcohol percentage.

Pok Pok - Like I said in my Seattle Travel Guide, I love Thai food, so I wasn't about to miss this restaurant with the 2011 James Beard Best Chef Northwest winner.  We got there just as it opened and there were people already waiting outside on a Wednesday during lunch.  When travelling to the Pacific Northwest, keep in mind that restaurants are too cool to take reservations.  It was delicious and what I loved about it that is wasn't your typical pad Thai & yellow curry Thai restaurant.  There are so many more flavors and dishes to Thailand than most Thai restaurants let on and Pok Pok does a wonderful job at introductions.

Pok Pok by Capella KincheloePok Pok

Bunk Sandwiches- The downtown locations is tiny little space, it is a good idea to take-out and find a nearby park to enjoy your meal, we almost didn't visit because we had been overindulging for days, but on our last day in Portland we stopped in here for a quick sandwich before our flight.  They did not disappoint with lot of local ingredients these sandwiches are good.

Columbia River Highway- In between checking out of the hotel and our plane departing, we had a few hours and decided to take a little drive.  We headed up the Columbia River Highway, passing many waterfalls, lookout points, and beautiful scenery along the Columbia River that divides Oregon and Washington.  It was peaceful after a long week of walking everywhere, shopping, and indulging.

Columbia River Highway by Capella KincheloeColumbia River Highway

This was my first time in Portland, so tell me what should not be missed next time?

the greenbrier: cutting edge history

History can be a little bland sometimes, so it blows my mind when you see a place like the Greenbrier.  The Greenbrier's history starts in 1778 and has operated as a world-class resort with ventures in an army hospital, a casino, a medical spa, and a secret government nuclear war bunker- all in West Virginia.  In the middle of the last century Dorothy Draper was commissioned to revamp the historic property and turned her kind of brilliance loose on the place, with floral upholstery, black and white floors, and color galore.  Along with the design, Draper oversaw every detail down to the matchbooks and the uniforms.  A couple of years ago after fighting back from bankruptcy the Greenbrier was given an $80 million dollar renovation with Draper's protege and current head of Dorothy Draper & Co, Carleton Varney at the helm of the design rejuvenation.  This freedom of design and boldness makes me giddy.
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Has anyone visited the Greenbrier?

travel souvenirs

When I travel I always bring back souvenirs that remind me of my trip.  What typically makes my suitcase heavier on the return is art and accessories, cookbooks from the area that I visited, dishes or tableware and textiles.  These travels are what inspired my Joss & Main Curator's Collection.

All products are from Joss & Main Curator's Collection.  Cookbooks can be found on
What kind of travel souvenirs do you bring home with you?

beyond ikat

Elle Decor
Some of you are not ready to let go and I am with you, ikat has the perfect balance of color, style and worldly-chic.  However design is not about doing what everyone else does and everyone is doing ikat.  Its time to retire it - not forever - but just for a little bit.  Lets move on, lets find something new.
Need something to fill the void?  I thought so.  Try batik.
Robert Kaufman Batik
What about african textiles like mud cloth and kuba cloth?
Japanese Textiles, with the beautiful natural indigo?
textiles from Kimonoboy
So who is with me?