bold black & white entry stripes by phoenix interior designer capella kincheloeEntries and powder rooms are two great places to inject bold pattern and color.  When guests walked into my home, they were greeted with nothing special.  On the left is a long wall and on the right a large opening to our dining room.  The first impression wasn't impressing anyone. before & after entry by capella kincheloe interior design

I knew that I wanted to hang ledges for art and photographs.  I also knew that it would be a great wall to add color or pattern because you can see a bit of it from the dining room and a bit sitting on the sofa in the living room and it was just begging for something.  I went classic, black and white stripes.  I choose China White because I didn't want anything too stark, china white is a bit creamy and goes well with the rest of my whitish walls.  The black is Jet Black by Benjamin Moore.  I thought the stripes would guide guests into the main part of the house and my brother sang "Welcome to the Jailhouse" when he saw it.  Thanks, Kai.  But as I put the final frames on it this morning, I was quite pleased with my little project.

phoenix entry black & white stripes by Capella Kincheloe Interior Design

I wanted medium size stripes about 5" and when I measured - it turned out I could get 15 stripes at 5.5" each.  I taped off each section, painted the white paint over the tape seam to help "seal" the tape and prevent the black from bleeding through.  It generally worked, for a few little spots that bled beyond the tape I touched up with a tiny artist's brush.  I had this rug on memo for a client and threw it down.  It fits perfectly.  If they don't buy it, I may have to consider....

I'd love to hear your thoughts, would you consider doing this in your own home?