Business of Design The Golden Blueprint

I'm thrilled (and a little nervous) that I can finally say that this baby is birthed!  I've been talking about it for years, a course, an eBook, a guide to help fledgling interior designers get a footing in their business.

What I have created is a six-week course to help your business soar.  Because running a small business is hard.  And interior design is not a walk in the mall, either.  And if you're going it alone - it's a mountain to climb.  But I've created this course to be your Sherpa up the Mt. Everest of business.  The Golden Blueprint: Business Training for Interior Designers is your guide to setting up and running a successful design business.

The plan is to launch toward the end of this month - I'm currently working on all the backend infrastructure - so if this is something you'd be interested in, sign up to get more information and be the first to know when we launch (maybe even an early-adopter discount).


You may be wondering what we'll cover in six-weeks.  We cover your business foundation, things like insurance, accounting, legal, and your contract.  We'll cover building your brand, your specialty and how to add value to your clients.  We'll cover working with clients, how to qualify clients, how to price your services, and how to know who to sell your services to.  We'll also get into how to sell your services, your marketing, and getting published.  Finally, we'll go over how to treat your business like a business and best practices for running a design biz.

We're all busy actually running our businesses and we can't afford to waste a moment, so this course is direct & to-the-point.


I'm still a few weeks out before I launch, so I want and need your feedback, in the comments below or send me an email, let me know what questions you want answered, let me know your concerns about your business and taking a business training course, let me know if you think I'm nuts, let me know what you would love to get out of the course, what gaps this course could fill in your business knowledge.  Let me know how I can help you.  

If you'd like to know more about this course, sign up here.  I believe design should be collaborative, so if you know another design professional who's in need, pass this along!