the greenbrier: cutting edge history

History can be a little bland sometimes, so it blows my mind when you see a place like the Greenbrier.  The Greenbrier's history starts in 1778 and has operated as a world-class resort with ventures in an army hospital, a casino, a medical spa, and a secret government nuclear war bunker- all in West Virginia.  In the middle of the last century Dorothy Draper was commissioned to revamp the historic property and turned her kind of brilliance loose on the place, with floral upholstery, black and white floors, and color galore.  Along with the design, Draper oversaw every detail down to the matchbooks and the uniforms.  A couple of years ago after fighting back from bankruptcy the Greenbrier was given an $80 million dollar renovation with Draper's protege and current head of Dorothy Draper & Co, Carleton Varney at the helm of the design rejuvenation.  This freedom of design and boldness makes me giddy.
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Has anyone visited the Greenbrier?