The minute the paint went on the wall I started planning this post, I was going to tell you how good I am at color and how I usually don't even test the paint on the wall and just go for it, and how clients always tell me that I picked the perfect color.  I started planning this post the minute the paint went on the wall because this time I got color wrong and I knew it in that minute. I decided I needed to jazz up the front door from the minute that we looked at the property.  Something fun something that was a little shocking - in a good way.  Every time I ask my husband what color I should paint something - he says "I like natural wood." Every time.  So while he usually doesn't get his way because stripping, sanding, and staining aren't as fun as just throwing down a coat of paint, this time I didn't touch the natural wood of the door and chose to paint the little vestibule.

I chose to paint the vestibule the color of a beautiful desert sunset - Sanibel Peach 072 by Benjamin Moore.  My sweet husband didn't say a word about the color as I tried to convince myself that it would look better once it dried, once it had two coats, once I got used to it.  Nope, I couldn't do it and as we left the house for dinner that night our front door glowed with that of the red light district.  Not the kind of welcome to our home I had in mind.

So the next day I ran to get another gallon of paint in a much safer choice, Drenched Sienna.  The neighborhood can breathe easier now.  And if they ask, I am going to tell them the pepto-pink was tinted primer.

Almost before - we had to scrape & repair the ceiling that was starting to peel.

Not the fun, funky color I'd envisioned.  A good solid Arizona color that makes the house feel more sophisticated.  Maybe I'll change it with the seasons...