Are you running an interior design business or hobby?

Are you taking ownership over your interior design business?  Or are you running your interior design business as a hobby?  #interiordesignbusiness #notahobby #cktradesecrets

One of the most important things you can do for yourself in starting an interior design business is to take ownership.  You are at the helm of the ship.  You are the captain.  You are the CEO.  You make things happen, things don't happen to you.  

Taking ownership means that if you decide to start an interior design business, you don't dabble.  You take it seriously.  (Even if you are running it part-time you can still run it like a business.)  Otherwise, you need to recognize that you have a hobby and it is a side project.  These are two very different things.  You shouldn't allow your business-hobby languish in a grey area of uncertainty.  

Running a Hobby

If you're doing interior design as a hobby, you consider it "on-the-side" or in your spare time.  You may have a lot of projects for friends that aren't really paying you.  This is likely something you're just doing for fun.  Likely there are a lack of boundaries - in getting paid, in communications, in time.  You probably haven't done much to set up a "business" meaning you use your personal bank accounts, your personal cell phone, and email.  

Running a Business

When you run a business you have work hours, your have a work email with your domain, you have a business phone number, your focus is on being profitable, you pay sales tax and likely quarterly taxes too (don't panic - just talk to your accountant if you should be doing this), you have a business license if your local government requires one.  You take your business seriously and so do your clients.  

Are you running an interior design business or hobby?

So if you read the paragraphs above and thought that you were somewhere in the middle, you are still not taking ownership of your business.  You need to declare that you are the CEO of this thing and take responsibility for it's success.  Take the quiz below to find out if you're running a hobby or business.  

So what was your score?  For each statement you answered "no" that you'd like to turn into a "yes" read the posts below.   

I have a separate bank account for my business.

I have separate credit cards for my business.

My email address is my own domain.

I have a separate business phone number.

I have business hours and my clients respect them.

My business is profitable.

When required I pay sales tax on items purchased for clients. 

If required, I have a local business license.

I have a professional-looking website.

I track my growth monthly and yearly.

I don't give away hours.

How to Make Money As An Interior Designer

I send invoices regularly to my clients.

For help on these issues and so much more, consider The Golden Blueprint, a 7-week Business Training Course for Interior Designers.